About the Department of Psychology

Psychology is Geneseo's largest liberal arts major. The department implements its mission by including broad preparation in the fundamental ideas of psychology along with the development of quantitative, analytic, and writing skills. Students can further develop interest and skills through collaborative research with the faculty, sponsored internships, and directed studies.

The Psychology department encourages student participation in the Psychology Club, Psi Chi Honor Society, colloquia, internships, career and graduate school workshops, and departmental governance. Geneseo students with psychology degrees have entered careers in human services, education, and business settings. They also have pursued graduate training in a range of fields, including clinical/counseling, school, developmental, experimental, and industrial/organizational psychology as well as social work.

Outside the major, the department maintains branches to other disciplines. We offer service courses to education and business majors as well as contributions to many of the interdisciplinary programs, including cognitive science, human development, organizational and occupational behavior, urban studies, and women's and gender studies. The department's faculty provide service to the larger community in a variety of ways, such as conducting workshops, offering other training programs, and serving on community boards and committees.

Departmental Resources

The Psychology Department offices, classrooms, and laboratories are located in Bailey Hall.

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the SUNY Geneseo Department of Psychology is to develop in students and interest in and understanding of scientific approaches to the description and explanation of thought, emotion and behavior. Specifically, the department aims are:

(a) to prepare our majors for lifelong learning, thinking, and action by providing a solid liberal arts education that embraces psychology's knowledge base, methodology, language skills, interpersonal skills, ethics, and values

(b) to prepare those students who will enter careers in human services, clinical work, corrections, business, educational and other applied areas to be knowledgeable, competent and caring professionals

(c) to prepare those students who continue beyond the B.A. to be outstanding and creative graduate students

(d) to make available to all Geneseo students those aspects of psychological knowledge that are useful for responsible membership in society (e.g. enhancing self-knowledge, illuminating individual and cross-cultural differences, promoting effective parenting, constructively managing conflict, and coping with and responding to problems of personal and societal significance)


Additional missions of the SUNY Geneseo Department of Psychology involve service and professional contributions. Specifically, the Department aims are:

(e) to serve other departments and programs, the College, and the larger community wherever psychology is relevant to education, management, dispute resolution and problem-solving; and

(f) to support the teaching, application and advancement of the science of psychology through research, scholarship, and participation in the professional structures of the discipline.