Engage with the SUNY Geneseo Campus

As a state entity, SUNY Geneseo is prohibited from selling advertising or allowing businesses to freely advertise their products or services to the campus community. However, there are many ways that local business owners can connect with and create awareness in the SUNY Geneseo campus community. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

Athletics Sponsorships

Athletics sponsorships are available. For more information, visit the athletics website

Contact: Kris Heeres, heeres@geneseo.edu

General Sponsorships

To explore sponsorship opportunities outside of athletics, contact the Office of Advancement, eleverich@geneseo.edu.

Promotional Opportunities

MacVittie College Union: For general promotion of community events, such as holiday activities and festivals, flyers may be hung in the MacVittie College Union. All posters/flyers must be stamped and approved by the Union Manager. 

Contact: Chip Matthews, matthewsc@geneseo.edu

Residence Halls

Promotional items for activities and events, such as large posters (quantity: 28), flyers (quantity: 50 to 100) or postcards (up to 1,000, depending on whether you want each room to have one), may be distributed in the residence halls. Deliver the items to MacVittie College Union room 319 or 307.

Contact: Sarah Frank, frank@geneseo.edu

Social Media

If you promote your activities on social media, please tag the SUNY Geneseo account (we are on Facebook, Instagram, X, and LinkedIn), or contact the Communications and Marketing department so we can amplify to our campus community.

Contact: Betsy Harris, bharris@geneseo.edu

Nice to Know

We promote the community! We include information about Geneseo and the surrounding area on our website for prospective students. It includes a video and links to attractions. A brochure is also sent to prospective students and their families.

Upcoming Events

Our events calendar includes upcoming events that are of interest to the community, both because they are invited and/or because we expect a lot of guests to our area, such as our Admitted Student Days and open houses. Please check it frequently for updates

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