Housing Accommodation Requests Overview

General Considerations

Geneseo recognizes the importance of providing reasonable accommodations in its housing policies and practices where necessary for individuals with disabilities to have equal access to the benefits of on-campus housing. This policy reflects the process we follow in considering requests for housing accommodations and implementing accommodations, as appropriate. Geneseo reserves the right to amend this policy at any time as circumstances require.

The Office of Accessibility (OAS) will engage in an interactive process with students to determine reasonable accommodations in the Residence Halls. The OAS collaborates with the Office of Residential Life to coordinate accessible campus housing for students with disabilities that impact one’s living situation. When requesting housing accommodations, applicants must be current Geneseo students, have applied for or are in the process of applying for Geneseo housing, and have met all eligibility requirements for the request to be reviewed.

Requesting Housing Accommodations

To request housing accommodations, students must follow the OAS steps for requesting housing accommodations. This includes submission of a Housing Accommodation Request Form which is completed by the student and a qualified mental health or medical treatment provider who has an established relationship with the student and can attest to the student’s current functioning in the college environment.  The student will also participate in an interactive discussion with OAS staff regarding the request. If students have questions or concerns regarding the process for requesting housing accommodations, they may contact the OAS via email (access@geneseo.edu), phone (585-245-5112), or in-person (Erwin Hall 22) to schedule an appointment.

During the course of the interactive process, OAS staff may require additional information from a medical or mental health provider, to provide sufficient information for Geneseo to determine:

  1. That the individual qualifies as a person with a disability (i.e., has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities); and
  2. That the housing accommodation requested is necessary to afford the person with a disability an equal opportunity to access residential living.

Housing Accommodation Requests should be submitted by the required submission date if the student is requesting for the following academic semester. This is to provide reasonable notice to the Office of Residential Life for making housing modifications and other room placement arrangements.

  1. Returning students = April 1 (or per the Residential License Agreement Form deadline)
  2. New Incoming Students = June 1 (or per the Residential Life housing application deadline)
  3. Spring admits = December 1

If an application is submitted past the submission deadline, the College cannot guarantee it will be able to meet the accommodation needs the same semester for which it is requested. If the need for the accommodation arises when an individual already resides in College housing, they should contact the OAS and complete the Request form as soon as practicably possible.

Process for Determining Reasonable Accommodations

As a residential college, the on-campus living experience is integral to the Geneseo experience, particularly for first and second year students who are required to live in our residence halls. It should be noted that living within the community and learning to share space and be considerate of others is part of the communal living experience. Requests are reviewed on the basis of ensuring access to the campus living environment. We provide accommodations for students with disabilities in order to facilitate their full participation in our housing program rather than meeting living style preferences and avoiding roommate conflict, ensuring success, ameliorating a condition, or aiding in other aspects of the college experience, such as studying. Note: signing a lease with an off campus apartment is not a justified reason for release. More information about how accommodations are reviewed can be found on our FAQ page.

The OAS shall also consult with Residence Life to determine if implementing the requested accommodation is reasonable. An accommodation may be considered unreasonable if a) it would result in a fundamental alteration to the housing program; b) impose an undue financial and/or administrative burden, or c) pose a direct threat to the health and safety of others, including College property. If it is determined that the requested accommodation is a necessary method of meeting the housing needs of a student with a disability, the student will receive any such accommodation without any additional charge.

Requests are processed within approximately 7-14 business days after a meeting with OAS staff. Reviews may take longer if additional information related to the request needs to be collected from the student’s medical or mental health provider. If the requested accommodation is approved, the student will be notified via their Geneseo email. The Office of Residence Life will contact the student to coordinate logistics of the implementation of the accommodations. Students will also be notified via email in the event the requested accommodation is not approved. The OAS may identify and offer an alternate accommodation or arrangement with Residence Life that may meet the student’s identified needs. More information on Accessibility in the Residence Halls can be found on the Office of Residential Life website.

Process for Reconsideration of Accommodation Determinations

Students who are not approved for their initial request may provide additional information and request a reconsideration of the accommodation decision. If the accommodation is not granted as part of the second review, or if the student does not accept an alternative accommodation offer, students have the right to appeal the decision. More information on appeals and grievances can be found on the OAS website.

Students may contact the Office of Accessibility Services with questions regarding the Housing Accommodations Policy via email at access@geneseo.edu, or calling 585-245-5091.

Privacy and Record Keeping

In processing requests for reasonable accommodations, the College will take all steps required by federal, state and local law to protect the privacy of any information or documentation disclosed to the Office of Accessibility Services in connection with the requests. Such measures may include limiting access to such information to individuals specially designated to determine and implement requests for reasonable accommodations, who will disclose the information only to the extent necessary to determine whether to grant the request, determine if the request is unreasonable, and implement any request granted, keeping all written requests and accompanying documentation in a secure area to which only those designated individuals have access, except as otherwise required by law.