Housing Accommodation FAQs

"How do I request a housing accommodation?’"

To request housing accommodations, students must follow the OAS steps for requesting housing accommodations. This includes submission of a completed Housing Accommodation Request Form and meeting with OAS staff. If the student requests accommodations during the spring housing process, they may indicate they are in the process of requesting accommodations on their housing application.

"Will the OAS accept a letter from my doctor for a housing request?"

Students who are requesting housing accommodations need to submit a Housing Accommodation Request Form to the OAS, completed by the student and their medical or mental health treatment provider. If a student or their treatment provider have questions or concerns about completing the request form, they can contact the OAS via email (access@geneseo.edu), phone (585-245-5112), or in person (Erwin Hall 22) to schedule an appointment.

"How will requests for housing accommodations be evaluated?"

Requests are reviewed on the basis of ensuring access to the campus living environment. We provide accommodations for students with disabilities in order to facilitate their ability to fully participate in our housing program.  Accommodations are not granted to meet student preferences, address concerns about past roommate experiences, ensure the student’s academic success, ameliorate a condition, or aid in other aspects of the college experience, such as studying. Given that the residential experience is integral to the residential curriculum and the nature of SUNY Geneseo as a residential college, a Release of Housing will generally only be considered if the College is unable to accommodate the student in on-campus housing. The OAS may offer alternative accommodations within on-campus housing to meet the student’s needs.

Requests for a specific type of room or changes in roommate/suitemate arrangements can be coordinated directly with the Office of Residential Life. Students can request a single room as part of the typical housing selection process. 

"Will the recommendations of my medical provider always be followed?"

Recommendations from a provider does not necessarily guarantee the same accommodation(s) will be approved by the OAS. Information from a treatment provider is meant to be supplementary as part of the comprehensive review process. 

The presence of a diagnosed medical condition alone does not necessarily qualify a student for a particular accommodation.  Not all diagnoses rise to the level of a disability or require accommodations. Accommodations are about providing accessibility.  They are not prescriptions, nor a treatment for a condition.

"How long will it take for the OAS to review my request?"

Students will receive notification of a decision within 7-14 business days. Reviews may take longer if additional information related to the request needs to be collected from the student’s medical or mental health provider.

"What happens if my request does not get approved?"

Students who do not get approved for their initial request may provide additional information and request a reconsideration of the accommodation decision. If the accommodation is not granted as part of the second review, or if the student does not accept an alternative accommodation offer, students have the right to appeal the decision. More information on appeals and grievances can be found on the OAS website.

"If I get approved for a housing accommodation, do I get to choose my roommate/suitemates?"

Being approved for housing accommodations does not guarantee that you will be placed in your first-choice residential hall or with your preferred friends. OAS makes determinations on accommodations regarding a student’s needs in housing; The Office of Residential Life manages the process of assigning a student’s room, and will notify the student of their specific room assignment separately. Students may contact Residence Life to request a specific location and/or roommate/suitemate preference, though room placement is based on current availability. 

"What housing options are available for students with dietary restrictions?"

Students with dietary needs work collaboratively with the Geneseo Nutrition and Wellness Manager and Dining Services to develop a plan to meet their needs. More information on the dietary accommodations process can be found on the OAS website.