Resources for Developing a Career in Accounting

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For a live feed of accounting/finance job openings across the country. You can find it here:

To supplement our jobs listing, we also have a database of ‘Accountant Salary by State 2015’ that can help accountants looking for a job stay aware of the going rate depending on where they are, their degree, and their experience level. You can find the database here:

Additional information that can be found in our resource includes the following:

List of Accounting Scholarships
List of schools offering Accounting Degrees (by State)
List of schools offering Masters in Accounting Degrees (by State)
List of schools offering Masters in Finance Degrees (by State)
Careers in Accounting and Finance

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For the past few years, Discover Business has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses find their feet, grow their business, and make a name for themselves in markets dominated by big players. Our business tools and business guides played a small part in helping make these successes possible.

Recently, we worked on helping in another area important in business: helping prospective business students navigate different education options. One part of this new project focuses on providing resources to those who are interested in obtaining a degree in accounting.

You can find our Online Accounting Guide to MBA and Graduate Programs here:

What is covered in the guide:
Accounting Career Outlook
MBA in Accounting vs. Masters of Accounting
MBA in Accounting Programs
Online MBA in Accounting Programs
30+ MBA and Graduate Accounting Scholarships
Online Accounting Resources

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