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"The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be ignited."


SUNY Geneseo, through our Volunteer Center, wants to give our college students plenty of opportunities to interact with the surrounding community and what better way than through the youth!  These responsible, academic driven volunteers want to help when it comes to your students' learning experience.  Our knowledge of english and/or mathematics could help provide your student(s) with an extra boost in their own academic development.

It can be difficult for you, as a teacher, to get through the necessary/required material in class.  Let alone give you the time to be able to interact with all your students on an individual basis when they may begin to fall behind.  That is where one of our tutors could lend a helping hand.

We train our tutors, providing them with varying teaching techniques, to use when working with your students.  Depending on what you may require and the tutor's availabilities/subject specialization, you could bring them in multiple times a week for tutoring sessions.

Allow our college tutors an opportunity to play a role in igniting your students' love of learning, request a tutor for your classroom today! 

Questions? Email or call 585.245.5893 to contact Garth Freeman, the America Reads/America Counts Coordinator at SUNY Geneseo.