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Prospective Students

ISC exterior day

Please feel free to peruse our website for information on our seminars, programs, courses, etc. To schedule a general campus tour and/or sign-up for one of our Biology information sessions (often with our Biology Chair) offered on most Fridays during the fall and spring semesters, please contact the Admissions Office or visit their website. Due to the large numbers of prospective students currently interested in pursuing our major, we ask that prospective students and their family schedule to attend one of our Biology information sessions. We strongly encourage students to attend with specific questions in mind. These group sessions are ideal for students interested in research, preprofessional, etc.

Those students interested in pursuing pre-med or pre-professional may review the Premed/Prehealth website. Students with specific program questions in one of the following advisement areas should contact the faculty member:

  • Biochemistry - Dr. Eric Helms (Chemistry Department)
  • Biophysics - Dr. George Marcus (Physics Department)
  • Prehealth/Premed/Prevet (i.e. PA/Dental/Optometry/Osteopathic) - Jennifer Haines (freshmen & sophomores); 585-245-6467 or