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PreMed/PreHealth at Geneseo

Tomorrow’s health care professionals must be strong communicators and critical thinkers – in short, students who are driven, focused and realistic about the rigorous demands involved in pursuing a medical degree. Those are the students who enroll at Geneseo.

As you explore your options at the undergraduate level, be sure to ask yourself if you are prepared for the rigors involved in preparation for, and completion of, medical school. It is important to understand that it is not the undergraduate institution that will “get you into” medical school, but rather, the academic and personal abilities that you develop in undergraduate school and that are demonstrated in your performance as an undergraduate and in the medical school admission process.


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"For me, Geneseo was the catalyst to my future career. Geneseo teaches you how to work hard for your goals. I was prepared for everything I have encountered because of the rigorous coursework and high standards. I couldn't imagine receiving a better education anywhere else."  

Jeffrey Senfield, MD, MS, cardiologist and cardiac electrophysiologist, Greenville, SC

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