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Chem Stockroom Training Documents 

The chemistry stockroom manager maintains records of signed training documents, standard operating procedures (SOPs), policies, and additional training and certifications of student stockroom employees and volunteers. 

The below listed SOPs and training documents are examples of some of the training Geneseo students receive during their student employment careers at the Chemistry Stockroom, helping to safely and thoroughly prepare them for the rigors of laboratory facilities and experiment preparation with setup, synthesis, and evaluation of course experiment chemicals and materials.  In order to meet strict syllabus timelines, stockroom students learn how to: communicate effectively while gaining direct experience in lab documentation and chemical synthesis review, analyze raw data generated, and ensure accuracy, consistency and completeness for all of our undergraduate academic chemistry labs. 

The Chemistry Stockroom prides itself on providing education, mentoring, and creating kinesthetic learning opportunities in a chemistry laboratory and management experience opportunities where the underlying foundation of laboratory safety is our priority.

This page of available SOPs is meant to be used as a quick reference guide only!

Stop the Bleed Stockroom Staff Training

The documents listed below are various training documents, SOPs, and policies required for SUNY Geneseo Chemistry Stockroom student work-study, temp-service, and volunteer staff.  Documents and forms linked and hosted online and on the web page in the Chemistry Stockroom Training Documents web page section may not be the entirety of or the current version, of active training documents or SOPs, this online resource is for general reference only.  Always use and refer to the physical training documents and SOPs stored in ISC 329 for the most current version of training documents and SOPs especially if the document(s) require signature.  Original signed training documents and SOPs listed in the Chemistry Stockroom Student Employee SOP and Training Record are required, and are contingent to student employment in the Chemistry Stockroom at SUNY Geneseo (and are a part of your "Right to Know").

Document PDFs are only accessible by currently employed stockroom staff.  If you are stockroom staff and cannot access these forms, please contact Dan Jacques directly.  

Example SOP

Chemistry Stockroom Student Employee SOP and Training Record

Each stockroom student maintains a Chemistry Stockroom Student Employee SOP and Training Record which lists training and SOPs which are suggested and required to be read by the student on a semester, annual, or employment term, and/or otherwise as determined by the stockroom manager.  The online version of this form is for reference purposes only, a current version is maintained in student employment folders.  

listChemistry Stockroom Student Employee SOP and TRaining Record template

Stockroom staff practicing how to use a tourniquet

Chemistry Stockroom Employee SOPs

Additional or External Training or Certification Opportunities
  • HazWoper, 40hr, 8hr refresher
  • Stop the Bleed training
  • Fire Extinguisher training
  • Safe Zone

Student reviewing the SOP

Stockroom staff practicing how to use a tourniquet