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Audio/Video Services and Help

Information regarding the creation, manipulation and hosting of audio/visual materials.

Creative Media Assistants

Looking for assistance with your media creations or projects assigned to your students? CIT has trained assistants on staff in the Educational Technology Suite (South 225). Request an appointment online.

Are you an EdTPA student requiring help? Make an appointment on this Google Calendar.

Video Guide - Multimedia Authoring & Hosting

Video Guide

Need to schedule some time to shoot a "talking head" style video?
Schedule time in the One Button Studio located in South 344.
Additional information about the OBS.

Need to schedule some time to do some screen capturing or audio recording?
Schedule time in the Newton Audio Booth located in Newton 122.

Post Production Services

The staff of Educational Technologies will assist students or faculty with the editing of video, provided the work is in conjunction with an in-progress class, independent study project, or other educational program. They will also assist students using CIT's editing and recording facilities (answering technical questions, addressing equipment failures, etc.). The Educational Technologies staff will not complete media production projects for students.