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Community Service Awards

Volunteer and Service Awards --- Nomination Deadline, March 1, 2019 11:59pm

The college and community are invited to submit nominations for the 2019 Volunteer and Service Awards. The nominations will be reviewed and selected by the Advisory Committee on Volunteer and Service Programs and presented at the 2019 Volunteer and Service Awards Dinner on March 26. The committee invites nominations, including self-nominations, from the campus and the community to recognize student volunteers, faculty/staff for service learning and service work, college organizations, and community partner organizations engaged in service between March 1, 2018 and January 31, 2019.
Nominations may be submitted for both individuals and organizations at the following links:

Past Recipients

Off-Campus Organizations

  • 2018: Catholic Charities
  • 2017: Back Bay Mission
  • 2016: Geneseo Fire Department
  • 2015: Office for the Aging - Karen Smith
  • 2014: Tree Creations
  • 2013: Teresa House
  • 2012: HORSE Rescue

Student Organizations

  • 2018: Food Security Advocates; FORCES Friends of Recreation, Conservation and Environmental Stewardship; Pi Kappa Phi
  • 2017: Enlace Project; National Residence Hall Honorary - Blue Knights Chapter; SUNY Geneseo Pride Alliance
  • 2016: Alpha Phi Omega; FORCES: Friends of Recreation, Conservation, and Environmental Stewardship; Colleges Against Cancer
  • 2015: Hippies for Hope; NRHH (National Residence Hall Honor); Sigma Nu Chi
  • 2014: Circle K; Sigma Kappa; Sisters Making a Change
  • 2013: Alpha Phi Omega; Alpha Chi Rho; Colleges Against Cancer
  • 2012: Alpha Phi Omega; Royal Lady Knights


  • 2018: Dr. Gainie DeHart
  • 2017: Elizabeth Silvaggio-Adams
  • 2016: Neal Brooks
  • 2015: Gary Towsley
  • 2014: Mary Mohan


  • 2018: Justen Geddes; Elizabeth Rains; Mina Raj; Brighid Marie Smith; Taylor Smithers
  • 2017: Melissa Belsky; Aoife Andrews; Mejia Leinni; Maidot Gizaw; Kelsey Costello; Tanvir Hayat; Emily Herschbein; Tristan Hynes
  • 2016: Michael Braunagel; Matthew Hutchinson (posthumous); Dan Martin; Mingxin Li; Madelyn Sayed
  • 2015: Nicholas Brancato; Tyler Brickler; David Ernst; Jennifer Grom; John Saugy
  • 2014: Emily Bressner; Annemarie Centorrino; Josephine Chaplin; Alanna Fausal; Christopher Pike
  • 2013: Matt Bower; Gideon Cohen; Sherry Leung
  • 2012: Brent Sanderson; Rebecca May; Jessica Shatzel; Michael Mattiucci; Grace Trompeter

Newman Civic Fellowship Awardees

  • 2018: Leah Christman
  • 2017: Sarah Phillips
  • 2016: Colleen Steward
  • 2015: Abby Golfo
  • 2014: Alyssa Stefanese