David Robertson

Professor of Geography and Sustainability Studies, Department Chair
Bailey 228

David Robertson has been a member of the Geneseo faculty since 1999

Dr Robertson

Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D. Geography (2001), University of Oklahoma

  • BA Geography (1992), University of Calgary

  • BSc. Psychology (1989), University of Calgary


  • SJ Tulowiecki, D Robertson, CPS Larsen, 2020. "Oak savannas in western New York State, circa 1795: synthesizing predictive spatial models and historical accounts to understand environmental and native American influences." Annals of the American Association of Geographers, 110:1: 184-204

  • Robertson, D., Larsen, C.P.S., and Tulowiecki, S.J. 2018. "Forest Land-Use Legacy Research Exhibits Aspects of Critical Physical Geography" in Handbook of Critical Physical Geography, R. Lave, C. Biermann, and S. Lane eds. (London: Palgrave) pp. 227-248.

  • Robertson, D., C.P.S. Larsen and S.J. Tulowiecki. 2016 Collaborative Research: RUI: Assessing the environmental and human drivers and cultural dimensions of changes in oak forests of the eastern United States. NSF Geography and Spatial Sciences (GSS). Awarded: $232,099 USD

  • Robertson, David. 2010. "Identity and the Post-Mining Landscape: Observations from the American Mining Town." In Bergbau Folge Landschaft/Post Mining Landscapes. Oliver Hamm and Christiana Gräwe eds. (Berlin: Jovis-Verlag) pp. 144-149.

  • Robertson, David. 2009. Canadian Studies and American Geography: Trends and Issues. The Canadian Geographer. 53:1:100-112.

  • Robertson, David. 2006. Hard as the Rock Itself: Place and Identity in the American Mining Town. (Boulder: University Press of Colorado).

  • Robertson, David 2005. Cultural Landscape Preservation and Public History in Cokedale, Colorado. In Preserving Western History, Andrew Gulliford ed. 2005. (Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press) pp. 366-380.

  • Robertson, David. 2000. Heaps of History: Toluca and the Historic Longwall Mining District. Journal of Illinois History. 3:3:162-184.

  • Robertson, David. 1999. Beyond Twister: The Geography of Recreational Storm Chasing on the Southern Plains. Geographical Review. 89:4:533-553.

  • Robertson, David. 1996. Oil Derricks and Corinthian Columns: The Industrial Transformation of the Oklahoma State Capitol Grounds. Journal of Cultural Geography. 16:1:17-44.

More About Me


  • Cultural and Historical Geography
  • Place and Identity
  • Landscape History