Geology Photo Gallery

Geology Photo Gallery

Below is a gallery of photos from past field trips, classes, and events involving the students and faculty of the Department of Geological Sciences at Geneseo. If you have a photo you would like added to the gallery, please email

Students Examine a real sample in the real world.
Taking a closer look at the rock.
Students enjoying their time and discussing their findings.


Students getting up close to the large rock sample.
Students following their instructors direction.
Professor Over sharing a discussion with students.


A group of students getting a closer look.
Students examoine a large rock.
Students sliding down a hill of pebbles.


A professor chatting with a group of students.
Taking a closser look at an iron rich rock.
A sillhouette on a rocky shore.


Students discussing their findings.
Students sharing untensils.
A ridge filled landscape


Students beholding the small canyon before them.
Students enjoying the view.
Students hiking along a lake.


A sunset filled ladscape with a ridge and stream.