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Richard Young

Distinguished Service Professor of Geological Sciences
ISC 254

Richard Young has been a member of the Geneseo faculty since 1966.

Curriculum Vitae


  • Washington University ( St. Louis ), Ph.D., Geology, 1966

  • Cornell University , B.A. Geology, 1962

  • Dissertation: Cenozoic Geology along the Edge of the Colorado Plateau in NW Arizona. (Hualapai Indian Reservation and adjacent areas)


  • 2010 Geneseo Alumni Award

  • 2004 President?s Award for Excellence in Research and Creative Endeavors

  • 2002 Awarded SUNY Chancellor?s Research Recognition Award ( Albany , October 2002).

  • 1991-present Appointed Distinguished Service Professor of Geological Sciences, State University of New York by SUNY Chancellor (at SUNY, Geneseo)

  • 1990 Appointed Faculty Exchange Scholar, SUNY, by Chancellor Johnstone

  • 1979-1991 Professor, Department of Geological Sciences, SUNY College of Arts and Science, Geneseo , New York

  • 1977-1986 Chairman, Department of Geological Sciences, SUNY College of Arts and Science, Geneseo , New York

  • 1966-1977 Assistant and Associate Professor of Geological Sciences, SUNY College of Arts and Science, Geneseo , New York


  • Geological Society of America (Fellow)


  • Young, R.A. , 2004, The Laramide-Paleogene History of the western Grand Canyon Region: Setting the Stage: In: The Colorado River : Origin and Evolution: (eds. Young, R.A. and Spamer, E.), Gran d Canyon Association Monograph No. 12, Chapter 1(p. 7-16), Grand Canyon Association, Grand Canyon National Park , Arizona , 280 p.

  • Young, R.A ., 2003, (Research Report) Recent and Long-term Sedimentation and Erosion along the Genesee River Floodplain In Livingston and Monroe Counties, NY , US Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo District, 36 pages plus appendices, maps, digital images (includes 2000+ river channel images on 5 CD?s).

  • Young, R.A. , 2001, Geomorphic, Structural, and Stratigraphic Evidence for Laramide Uplift of the Southwestern Colorado Plateau Margin of NW Arizona: In: The Mackin Volume, The Geologic Transition, High Plateaus to Great Basin ? A Symposium and Field Guide Eds. (eds.Erskine et al.) Utah Geological Association Pu b. 30 and AAPG Guidebook GB 78, p. 227-237 .

  • Billingsley, G.H., Wenrich, K.J., Huntoon, P.W., and Young, R.A., 1999, Breccia Pipe and Geologic Map of the SW pa rt of Hualapai Indian Reservation and Vicinity, Arizona : U,S. Geological Survey Misc. Investigations Series Map I-2554, 2 maps with phamphlet (Appendix: pages 21-50, Nomenclature and Ages of Late Cretace ous(?) ? Tertiary Strata in the Hualapai Plateau Region, NW Arizona by R.A. Young).

  • Nieto, A. and Young, R.A., 1998, Retsof Salt Mine Collapse and Aquifer Dewatering, Genesee Va lley , Livingston County , NY : In: Poland Symposium Volume: Land Subsidence, (J. Borchers, Ed.), Spec. Pub. 8, Assoc. Engineering Geologists, Star Publishers, Belmont, CA., p. 309-325.

  • Lundgren, L. and Young, R.A., 1995, Mine failure, subsidence, and environmental impacts, Retsof Salt Mine, Livingston County , NY , 1994: New York Earth Science and the Environment, v.1, no. 1, p. 5-17.

  • Young, R.A. and Sirkin, Les, 1994, Subsurface Geology of the lower Genesee River Valley Region: A progress report on the evidence for Middle Wisconsin sediments and implications for ice sheet erosion models: N Y State Geological Association Field Trip Guidebook, 66th Annual Meeting, University of Rochester, p. 89-126. (ongoing research)

  • Young, R.A ., and Burton , R., 1993, Bluff erosion along Irondequoit Creek in Linear Park: Roch. Comm. for Scientific Info., Bull. 315, 6pp, Figs., Rochester , NY .

More About Me

Research Interests

  • Colorado River Evolution: Grand Canyon Symposium Organizer, 2000
  • Radiocarbon dating of Heinrich (H4) glacial events, Genesee Valley, NY (2004).
  • U S Army Corps of Engineers: Sedimentation and Erosion, Genesee River (2002-2003).
  • Spencer Roemer Summer Research Fellowship (1999).
  • NASA Contract NAS 9-12770, Photogeologic Analysis Apollo Missions 15-17 (1972-1975).
  • Research Development Award, Genesee Valley Pleistocene chronology (1992).
  • Cole Memorial Research Grant, Geological Society of America, Colorado Plateau Tertiary (1988).
  • Decade of North American Geology, Geological Soc. of America, Colorado Plateau Tertiary(1986).
  • U S Environmental Protection Agency, Evaluation of Hazardous Waste Sites, (1981-1983).

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