GREAT Day Faculty FAQ

Can I submit a session on behalf of my students?

The Oxford Abstracts System requires students to submit individual abstracts, even if they are participating as part of a faculty-organized session. You should inform students participating in a faculty-organized session to:

  1. Select "Paper/Slide Presentation (individual/co-presented 15-20 min.; part of a pre-organized panel)" or "Flash Presentation (individual/co-presented 5-10 min.; part of a pre-organized panel) for their Presentation Type depending on whether you are organizing a typical or a Flash presentation session.
  2. Enter a Session Name (provided by the Faculty sponsor)
  3. Enter a session Chair Name (provided by the Faculty sponsor).
  4. Notify you once they have submitted their abstract since the Oxford Abstracts system does not do so.

Are there instructions that students can follow to submit abstracts to Oxford Abstracts?

Detailed instructions are available through the GREAT Day website

What are the different presentation types?

Information on presentation types is available here

Can I faculty member have input on the order of presentations in their faculty-organized session?

Yes, please send an email to with the heading "Presentation Order for [Session Name]"

Can I organize two sessions to be scheduled back-to-back?

Yes, we ask that you title the sessions "Session Title Part 1" and "Session Title Part 2" and make sure that students specify which session they are participating in when they submit their abstracts.

Will faculty sponsors get notification of student abstract submission?

The Oxford abstract system does not notify Faculty sponsors when abstracts are submitted. Please follow-up with your students.

Are there character limits for session titles?

There is a 50 word (not character) limit for session titles. 

Will there be lunch for students and faculty sponsors?

Details are forthcoming on providing food for GREAT Day participants. 

What if I have more questions?

Please email and we will answer your questions as soon as possible.