New to GREAT Day?

GREAT Day logo: an illustration of a spruce tree

Since 2006, GREAT Day has brought students together across years, disciplines, and interests to find out more about each other's creative and scholarly endeavors. A truly college-wide experience, it features presentations, papers, musical performance, artwork, posters, and more. Classes are cancelled for the day, allowing students to explore and discover the amazing achievements of their peers on campus.

SUNY Geneseo loves a good acronym, and GREAT Day stands for Geneseo Recognizing Excellence, Achievement & Talent. Its mission is to help foster academic excellence, to encourage professional development and to build connections within the community.

A group of people looking at posters of scientific research in the college Ballroom.

We need your work to achieve those goals! Any student can present at GREAT Day, whether it's your first semester or you're in double figures. You can present in any subject area, not just your major. You can choose a number of ways to present: delivering a set of powerpoint slide or a pitch deck, say, or creating a poster for the Ballroom which you can explain about as others come to you. You can get together with a group and curate a set of presentations, or you can do something as an individual and we'll curate a group panel for you.

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Ready to submit? You can find out how to submit here. You'll need a Faculty (or staff!) sponsor, usually someone who has taught you in the class that your submission relates to, or mentored you in an activity or sport, or played some role in helping you develop your submission.

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