Mohammad Sadegh Ansari

Assistant Professor
Doty 241

Sadegh Ansari is Assistant Professor of History of the Pre-Modern Islamic World at SUNY Geneseo. His research interests include the history of science, history of music, and the intellectual history of the pre-modern Islamic and Persianate Worlds. His works have recently appeared in the Journal of Abbasid Studies as well as the Journal Philological Encounters.


Dr. Ansari

Curriculum Vitae


  • PhD in Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies, Columbia University


  • “Learning and Patronizing the Science of Music among the Elite of Medieval Baghdad,” The Journal of Abbasid Studies (Fall 2019 issue, 6-2: 123-49).

  • “On Void and the Plausibility of the Copernican Paradigm: An Indo-Persian Link in The Early Qajar Reception of Modern Astronomy,” Philological Encounters (co-author; Fall 2020 Special Issue, 5: 378-408).

  • Guest editor, Philological Encounters, Special Issue on “Revealing a Hidden Collection: Columbia’s Collection of Muslim World Manuscripts” (Fall 2020 Issue, 5).