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History Program

At Geneseo, you may obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree in history or earn a Certification in Elementary or Secondary Education Social Studies with a concentration in history.

For detailed requirements and to keep track of your progress through the basic requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in history, check out our History Major Worksheet. To see the basic requirements for completing a minor in the subject, see the History Minor Worksheet. For a complete list of history courses, visit the Course Catalog.


Department Writing Requirement

The entire history curriculum emphasizes a variety of writing skills and forms. To demonstrate writing proficiency, all history majors will complete a “capstone writing assignment" in the Senior Seminar (HIST491), Honors Thesis (HIST493), or the Senior Essay (HIST496). The student will produce a finished written work of substantial length which reflects the application of diverse writing skills (including planning, pre-writing, revision, etc.). Students must maintain and, if requested, submit all notes, outlines, drafts, etc., with the final paper. Students must demonstrate writing competence to pass the capstone writing assignment.

For further information, contact your advisor or Dr. Behrend, the Department Chair. For information on writing requirements for double or triple majors consult the Undergraduate Bulletin under “Multiple Majors” or the Office of the Dean of the College.