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Students can use Intersession courses to accelerate their academic progress or maintain their eligibility in the Excelsior Scholarship. Non-Geneseo students and members of the public are also welcome to enroll in the online courses offered by Geneseo over intersession.

A variety of classes are available to fulfill both major and general education requirements. For more information and to view courses, visit the Course Schedule on KnightWeb.

In Intersession 2021, the college is promoting courses that fulfill our initiative "becoming an anti-racist college." See more about courses supporting the initiative below.

How to Register

Geneseo students can register for Intersession 2021 during their spring pre-registration time slot (sometime between October 29 and November 13, depending on student year). Open registration for everyone begins November 16 and lasts through January 6.  Geneseo students are limited to 5 credits during Intersession; to discuss exceptions to this, please contact DAPA.

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How to Register as a Non-Matriculated Student

Non-matriculated students are those not pursuing a degree at Geneseo. This could include students from other colleges seeking transfer credit, or people simply interested in taking one or more courses at the College.

Undergraduate non-matriculated students not pursuing a degree at Geneseo can register for a limited number of credit hours (no more than 2 courses per semester and no more than 8 credits total). To maintain satisfactory academic standing in the College, non-matriculated students must earn at least a 2.00 grade point average in every semester in which they are enrolled and complete 50% or more of the credits for which they are registered.

Non-matriculated students must fill out a Non-Matriculated Registration Form. Once your application is processed, you will receive an email confirming your registration and login procedures. Please call the Registrar's Office at 585-245-5566 or email with questions.

Students with prior college credit from any institution pertaining to the requested course must include an unofficial transcript with their application. Applications received after the start of the requested course will not be accepted.

For all questions regarding tuition and fees, please email Student Accounts at or visit the Student Accounts website.

Becoming an Anti-racist College Initiative in Intersession

Many new and existing courses are offered this January with a focus on racial justice; they are identified in Knightweb with the title, description, and/or notes. 

ANTH 216 3 cr, Race, Racism, and the Black Experience in America

ANTH 288 3 cr, African American English

CMRD 101 1 cr, Common Reading of March by John Lewis

COMN 317* 3 cr, Intercultural Communication (*prerequisite COMN 103)

CURR 620* 3 cr, International Children's Literature (*graduate level course in School of Education)

ENGL 101 4 cr, Black Representation and Media

ENVR 124 3 cr, S/ Environmental Issues, will include unit(s) dealing centrally with race and racism

HIST 261 4 cr, Native American History

HIST 430* 4 cr, Robinson, Baseball, Racism (*senior level history class with prerequisites)

SOCL 100 3 cr, Introduction to Sociology, will include unit(s) dealing centrally with race and racism

SPAN 201 3 cr, Intermediate Spanish I, will focus on migration while learning the language (*prerequisite SPAN 102)

THEA 140 3 cr, Play Analysis, will include unit(s) dealing centrally with race and racism

Class Cancellation

Winter intersession undergraduate classes that have fewer than seven students may be cancelled by the Friday before the session starts. Please contact the Registrar's Office if you have questions.