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Dean of Academic Planning & Advising (DAPA)


The Office of Academic Planning & Advising serves all students at SUNY Geneseo, and to serve all students well, we must acknowledge that our culture remains one in which students of color, and especially Black students, continue to face racial injustice.  In line with President Battles’ May 31 avowal of Geneseo’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, we affirm our support of those who denounce and actively resist racism and injustice.  Our educational values in the liberal arts tradition ask us to think deeply and critically, to read broadly, and to act ethically and responsibly in our immediate and wider communities. To that end, we encourage all students to explore the ways Geneseo's curriculum teaches about identity, intersectionality, and human diversity.

The Office of the Dean of Academic Planning & Advising assists current students, faculty, and prospective students think about plans for successfully navigating Geneseo's curriculum.  We celebrate student success every day, and we also publish the  Dean's List and President's list at the end of each semester. We help students explore potential majors and "right size" a major that doesn't fit.  Advisors also assist students who have struggled academically through academic coaching and alignment with resources that help all students stay on track. 



Modified Policies for ACADEMIC YEAR 2020-21, P/F grading

Effective Study Habits during Covid-19


Quick Q&A

Q. How do courses from other colleges transfer to Geneseo?

A. Use the "Quick Links" to the right to check the transfer data bank.  If you don't find your course there, use the "Course Articulation Request" form to ask for a new articulation.

Q. I am a new student.  How soon will I get my fall 2020 schedule?

A.  Advisors start to look over your academic record after you pay your deposit, but it takes a while to review transcripts and get everything in order.  We start creating schedules for transfer students at the end of April.  New first-year students should expect their course registrations at the end of June or through mid-July.

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Academic Planning & Advising
106 Erwin Hall
One College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454
Phone: 585-245-5541

Appointments, Course Approvals, Major Changes

Because we have a reduced presence on Geneseo's campus for now, our office is minimally staffed in Erwin 106, and we are monitoring email ( remotely. Campus voice mail is no longer available for Academic Planning & Advising.

We strive to respond to questions within one-to-two business days. We are unable to schedule face-to-face meetings in Erwin 106.  However, we can schedule phone, Google Meet, and Zoom meetings between students and advisors from our office.  To schedule an appointment with the DAPA office, see "Schedule an Appointment" in the Quick Links at the top of this page.

To schedule an appointment with your faculty advisor, reach out to them directly by email.

Academic Planning & Advising is the office that manages changes of major, pre-approval of transfer courses, applications to graduate, and certification of degrees.  We also facilitate information flow, course registration, and degree audits for current graduate students in the School of Education and the School of Business.

Requests for changes of major are being temporarily handled through email.  Request approval to change or add a major or minor from the department secretary, the department chair, or the program director of the major or interdisciplinary program that interests you.  Have that approval sent to

Send course approval forms to

DAPA is responsible for Geneseo's early alert system, Navigate, providing training for faculty and staff and academic support for students.