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Help Humanitarian Efforts in Ukraine

AFYA Foundation: Afya means “health” in Kishwahili. The Afya foundation provides an environmentally-sensitive, community-oriented solution to help address the critical shortage of medical supplies in underserved communities around the world. Right now, AFYA believes the best way you can support Ukraine is by making an emergency gift and ensuring medical providers have the supplies they need to care for wounded soldiers and civilians.

AirBnB: Activley providing free housing for refugees and people are booking places in Ukraine with no intention of staying as a way to support Ukrainian.

Airlink (founded by the Society for Transport Aircraft Trading): Their first project focused on assistance with the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT): AFT is coordinating with the teachers unions in countries that border Ukraine, including Poland, Romania, and Slovakia. Through the AFT disaster relief fund, they are going to send money to these unions’ relief efforts. Specifically, the funds from AFT will focus on setting up welcome programs in public schools for the children who have fled the horrific Russian invasion.

Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE;founded by Sean Penn in 2010): Assisted with the earthquake disaster in Haiti and is assisting with the humanitarian effort in Ukraine.

PayPal: Support Ukraine Relief. Help those affected by the events in Ukraine Choose a charity to support and donate through PayPal. 100% of donations made here go to charity, no deductions, no fees.

ROC Maidan: ROC Maidan is a community organization initially formed to support Ukraine’s democratic voices at Kyiv’s EuroMaidan. ROC Maidan is also the charitable arm of the Ukrainian Cultural Center of Rochester. All donations to this account go to ROC Maidan in support of relief in Ukraine.

UN World Food Program: United Nations World Food Programme provides over 15 billion meals to over 100 million people. Has a special appeal for the Ukrainian families.

World Central Kitchen(founded in 2010 by Chef Jose Andres): Featured on 60 Minutes feeding people in Puerto Rico after Maria and in Haiti after the most recent earthquake.


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What is Livingston CARES?

  • Livingston CARES is a non-profit charitable 501(c)(3) humanitarian organization registered with the State of New York Charities Bureau and the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt organization.
  • Livingston CARES is a unique community partnership among representatives from SUNY Geneseo, the Town and Village of Geneseo, the Livingston County Chamber of Commerce, and the Livingston County Administrator and Board of Supervisors.
  • Livingston CARES is an organization with a long history of assisting other humanitarian organizations and providing support for recovery efforts in Mississippi, Louisiana, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico.

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