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Dear First-Year Students...

Sarah Channels '21 (SUNY Geneseo/Keith Walters '11)

Dear first-year and transfer students,

As this semester begins, there are a few tips that, as a senior, I’d like to share with you. Here are some things that I wish I knew coming into my first year at Geneseo.

Get involved!
You’ve heard this one a lot—because it’s true! Even during a pandemic, getting involved on campus is the best way to create connections and find new passions. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone—there are so many opportunities that will cater to your interests! Check out the student organizations on campus!

Use a planner.
Life gets busy—remembering important things can be a struggle. Using a physical planner, or even Google Calendar, can help! Record assignment due dates, events, breaks, and other important occasions.

Learn the campus.
Even if only some of your classes are face-to-face this semester, getting familiar with the campus is important! Find your favorite places to study, relax, and hang out. The gazebo is the best place to relax and watch the sunset!

Make connections in class.
This might be tricky with online or distance learning, but connecting with other students in your classes—and within your major—can make a big difference in your academic success. Plus, seeing friends around campus is a great feeling! Forming study groups is one of my favorite ways to make new friends.

Stay on top of your work.
It’s easy to get behind on schoolwork in college. Set a schedule and stick to it so that you don’t have to cram right before a due date or an exam!

Speaking of cramming…
If you do cram for an exam or to meet a due date, make sure to take breaks and reward yourself when you’re finished. Get a coffee from Starbucks or head up to Main Street with a friend! Cricket’s Coffee and Sweet Arts Bakery on Main Street are two of my favorite cafés.

Visit the Arboretum.
The Roemer Arboretum is on the South side of campus and is a beautiful place to do some homework, have a picnic, and relieve stress. Since the South side is where many of the freshman dorms are located, this is a wonderful place to hang out with other freshmen!

Use the library’s resources.
Although the Milne Library building is currently closed, the library’s services are still fully functioning! The Milne Library website is helpful when it comes to finding resources for research papers and projects, and the Writing Learning Center (WLC) is helpful when it comes to academic papers.

And finally…
(I know you’ve heard this too many times already!) Cherish your time at Geneseo—it flies by. Enjoy!

Sarah Channels ‘21