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Faculty Receive Research Funding

Research funding totaling more than $495,000 for two separate projects will benefit several Geneseo faculty members in the natural sciences and mathematics.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy has received $313,100 for the 2016-2017 school year from the University of Rochester’s Laboratory for Laser Energetics in support of the ongoing collaborative research project, “Nuclear and Plasma Diagnostics for the EP-OMEGA and MTW Laser Systems.”

Principal investigator and project director is Stephen Padalino, Distinguished Teaching Professor of Physics. Co-principal investigators are Charlie Freeman, professor and chair of the department and director of the nuclear physics lab; Kurt Fletcher, Distinguished Teaching Professor of Physics; Ed Pogozelski, associate professor of physics; James McLean, associate professor of physics; and Mark Yuly, professor and dean of sciences at Houghton College.

Funds will support the work of faculty and the involvement of about 20 students in the project, supplies, equipment, machine shop work and conference travel. Additional funds may become available once Congress has approved the fiscal year 2017 budget for the U.S. Department of Energy.

Cesar Aguilar, assistant professor of mathematics, has received a $181,900 grant transfer award through August 2018 in support of his project, “RUI: Controllability Classes and Leader-Follower Configurations in Complex Dynamic Networks.” Aguilar is principal investigator. His grant was funded through the Electrical, Communications and Cyber Systems Program and was originally awarded to his prior institution, California State University at Bakersfield.

Funds will support his work and the involvement of from three to six students per year, supplies and conference travel. Equipment purchased with the grant funds prior to the award transfer also will come to Geneseo.