Stephen Padalino

2001 CASE Professor of the year for New York State, 2017 American Physical Society Fellow, Distinguished Teaching Professor
ISC 227A

Stephen Padalino has been a member of the Geneseo faculty since 1985.

Life on Land

Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D. & M.S., Nuclear Physics; Florida State University

  • B.S., Applied Physics; Stockton State College

  • A.S., Chemistry; Community College of Morris

Vitae 2021

  • Dr. Stephen Padalino
    Department of Physics and Astronomy
    State University of New York at Geneseo
    1 College Circle, Geneseo New York 14454
    Academic Vitae
    May, 2021
    Academic Degrees
    (1985) Ph.D. Nuclear Physics, Florida State University
    (1983) M.S Physics, Florida State University
    (1977) B.S. Applied Physics, Stockton State College, New Jersey
    (1975) A.A. Chemistry, County College of Morris, New Jersey
    Teaching Experience
    (2007 - ) Distinguished Teaching Professor SUNY/Geneseo
    (1995- 2007) Professor of Physics SUNY/Geneseo
    (1995-1998) Endowed Alumni Professor
    (1990-1995) Associate Professor of Physics SUNY/Geneseo (EIT 1992)
    (1985-1990) Assistant Professor of Physics SUNY/Geneseo (tenured 1990)
    (1979-1980) Laboratory Instructor, Florida State University
    (1978-1979) Lecturer and Laboratory Instructor, Ohio State University
    (1977-1978) Staff Instructor, Stockton State College
    Awards and Recognitions
    (2017 - ) American Physical Society Fellow
    (Sept 2007) Awarded - Distinguished Teaching Professor
    (Fall 2006) Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Research and Scholarship
    (Spring 2006) SUNY Research Foundation Research & Scholarship Award
    (2001) Council for Advancement and Support of Education- CASE Professor of the year for New York State
    (2000) Harter Award for Faculty Mentoring of Undergraduate Research Students
    (1995-1998) Alumni Professor - A partially endowed professorship
    (1992) Chancellor’s Excellence in Teaching Award
    Administration Experience
    (2000- 2005) Associate Provost for Budget, Technology, and Research, the division of academic affairs
    (2004-2005) Associate Provost & acting Chair of the Art Department
    (2002-2003) Associate Provost & acting Chair of the Political Science Department
    (2001 -2002) Associate Provost with oversight and budget control for the Anthropology Department
    (1996- 2000) Chair of the Physics & Astronomy Department
    (1995-1996) Associate Chair of the Physics Department
    (1987- ) Project Director for multiple grants
    (1987-1996) Director of the Nuclear Structure Laboratory
    Current Professional Memberships
    APS-DNP - American Physical Society Division of Nuclear Physics
    APS-DPP - American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics
    CUR – Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR National Councilor)2
    Courses taught
    HONR 205 Sustainable Energy (Honors student course in science)
    HONR 393 Capstone course for honors students
    PHY 311 Advanced Mechanics I (Newtonian Mechanics)
    PHY 321 Atomic and Nuclear Physics
    PHY 121 Analytical Physics I laboratory
    PHY 122 Analytical Physics II laboratory
    PHY 123 Analytical Physics 1 Lecture
    PHY 388 Advanced Quantum Mechanics
    PHY 381 Astrophysics lecture
    CSC 230 Digital Electronics lecture
    CSC 230 Digital Electronics Laboratory
    PHY 399 Directed Study (research)
    PHY 364 Experimental Physics
    PHY 188 Freshman Physics Experience
    PHY 389 Honors Research
    HON 302 The roots of scientific change in the 20th century)
    PHY 394 Independent Research
    PHY 362 Intermediate Laboratory I
    PHY 363 Intermediate Laboratory II
    PHY 134 From the Bomb to the Big Bang
    PHY 134 The Making of the Atomic Bomb
    PHY 134 Moon Shot: The Mercury, Gemini and Apollo NASA programs
    PHY 108 The Way Things Work
    Research Summary
    Current Collaborations
    Laboratory for Laser Energetics, University of Rochester
    Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Livermore California
    Naval Research Laboratory, Washington DC
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    National Institute of Standards and Technology
    Types of External Grants during the last 35 years
    2 National Science Foundation
    4 United States Department of Energy
    4 National Laser User Facility
    26 Laboratory for Laser Energetics
    1 Los Alamos National Laboratory (equipment)
    4 Lawrence Livermore National Lab
    5 Super Conducting Linear Accelerator Lab at Florida State University
    1 Navel Research Lab
    Funding for research > $8,787,440
    Funding for equipment on permanent loan > $400,000
    US Congressional member item (Federal earmark) Along
    with Charlie Freeman, Kurt Fletcher, Ken Levison and other
    administrators, I played an instrumental role, as associate provost 3
    and physics professor, in obtaining a new Tandem Pelletron
    Accelerator for Geneseo's nuclear physics Lab.
    ~ $780,000
    Total funding to date (including Pelletron support) > $9,670,000
    Research Projects with students (mentoring students in the research lab totals for the past 35 years)
    Number of full time funded Undergraduate students during the last 32 summers >500
    Number of students funded during the academic years > 100
    Number of unfunded undergraduate students >150 most likely more I have lost track
    Research projects undertaken during the last 35 years >120
    Research Interests during the last decade
     Cosmic ray muon detection for nTOF calibrations
     Triple gamma-ray emission of positron annihilation
     nTOF detector calibration using accelerators
     He3 gas cell target development
     Light weight portable survival structure development
     Efficiency studies of electric club cars
     Deep cycle wet lead acid battery energy storage study
     Solar air heater research and collector development
     Algae based biofuel study
     Particle jets from High Energy-Density Physics
     Irradiation of Melanoma using proton radiation
     Inertial Confined Fusion Reactions
     Neutron detection via nuclear activation
     Neutron Time of Flight measurements
     Monte Carlo calculations of neutron and gamma ray scattering
     Gamma ray spectroscopy or nuclear activated samples
     12C(n,2n)11C reaction cross section measurements
     T(t,gamma)6He reaction cross section measurements
     Rapid Pneumatic Transport of Radioactive Samples
     Robotic manipulation of Radioactive samples
     Multi-parameter data acquisition system for charge particle and gamma
    ray coincidence measurements
     Gamma-X, gamma-gamma detection array systems
     Particle scattering vacuum chamber development
     Calibration measurement of Radio Chromic Film
     Calibration of CR-39 track detectors
     Determination of the ratio of hydrogen to deuterium in polyethylene
     Sustainable energy production
     Physical oceanography measurements


  • Nuclear Confinement Fusion
  • Horseback riding