Greek Life’s Gina Wittek ‘22

Gina Wittek '22

Gina Wittek '22 (SUNY Geneseo/Matt Burkhartt)

Gina Wittek ’22 has been the interim coordinator for Fraternal Life and Off-Campus Services in SUNYGeneseo’s Office of Fraternal Life since this summer 2022. The coordinator provides resources to students involved with or interested in Greek life and those who are looking to move off-campus.

One of Wittek’s goals is to improve the reputation of Greek Life by offering information on how to participate and lead safely while focusing on all of the positive aspects of being in a fraternity or sorority. “I am an advocate for Greek Life,” she said. “It has a lot to offer including philanthropy and companionship, and that is something I want to emphasize to students.”

She has recently brought back the National Order of Omega to the college which recognizes those currently in a Greek organization for their excellence in academics and co-curricular activity. Being a part of this honor society inspires others to strive for similar goals and achievements within Greek Life.

Wittek recognizes that a recent campus climate survey revealed that Greek Life might be perceived as less welcoming of a community than it should be. “The survey showed that many students from diverse backgrounds did not feel included,” she said. Wittek would like to increase inclusion and belonging so all students can experience and enjoy life at Geneseo in a Greek organization if they wish to.

She has been working on creating extended resources for those who are interested in joining Greek Life but are not sure where to go. “I have recently announced open applications for Pillar Advocates to encourage a more inclusive culture and a safe space for our LGBTQ+ community within Greek Life,” Wittek said. These advocates will be those who are currently involved in Greek Life and have a passion for promoting inclusivity.

“Greek Life can draw mixed opinions, but we have a variety of organizations with different missions, and I want to showcase the individuality of each one. We have social,  volunteer, and professional-minded organizations, as well as Zeta Phi Beta, a national Black sorority.”

Wittek believes there is a place for everyone within Greek Life and she’d like to continue to cultivate that feeling in students while serving in her role. She is also an advocate for students who do not seek interest in joining Greek Life as she can suggest clubs that  she thinks would suit a student the best. Even though she is the coordinator, she believes that a great college experience is possible without joining and supports other various clubs available to Geneseo students.

—Natalie Heller


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