Registered Fraternities and Sororities

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Fraternities (Social) Sororities (Social) Organizations (Professional & Service)
Alpha Chi Rho (Crows) Alpha Delta Epsilon (ADE) Alpha Phi Omega (APO): co-ed service
Delta Kappa Tau (DK) Alpha Kappa Phi (Ago) Alpha Kappa Psi (AKPsi): co-ed business
Men of Action and Change (MAC) Alpha Omega Pi (AOPi) Phi Alpha Delta (PAD): co-ed law
Omega Beta Psi (Omega) Alpha Sigma Tau (AST) Phi Delta Epsilon (PhiD): co-ed medicine
Phi Kappa Chi (Phi Kap) Delta Phi Epsilon (DPhiE)  
Sigma Alpha Mu (Sammy) Phi Kappa Pi (Clio)  
Sigma Nu Chi (Sig Nu) Phi Lambda Chi (Phi Lamb)  
Sigma Tau Psi (Sig Tau) Royal Lady Knights (RLK)  
Theta Chi (Theta Chi) Sigma Delta Tau (SDT)  
Zeta Beta Xi (ZBXi) Sigma Kappa (Kappa)  
  Sigma Gamma Phi (Arethusa)  
  Sisters Making A Change (SMAC)  
  Omega Phi Beta Sorority Inc. (NALFO)  
  Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated  (NPHC)  



Kappa Sigma (Kappa Sig) — Currently serving three year conduct suspension of registration; earliest possible return to good conduct standing is June 2024 (although Kappa Sigma National has pulled their charter).

Phi Sigma Xi (Phigs) — Currently serving four year conduct loss of registration; earliest possible return of registration status / good conduct standing is September 2022.

Pi Kappa Phi (Pi Kapp) — Chapter closed in April 2021.


Updated August 2023