The Power of Inquiry to Understand and Help Our Communities

Jared Bennett '11 interviews a resident in Kentucky.

Investigative reporter Jared Bennett '11 interviews a Letcher County resident about the lingering damage caused by flooding in eastern Kentucky. /Photo courtesy of Justin Hicks of Louisville Public Media

Jared Bennett '11 shares his experiences behind the journalism stories:

"In July 22, a once-every-thousand-year flood hit Appalachian eastern Kentucky. 

"A lingering storm dropped more than a foot of rain in just a few hours, sending water careening down the mountains and into the hollers below. Streams with names like Hell for Certain, Stinking Creek, and Troublesome Creek became raging torrents that took cars, houses, and the lives of 45 people.

"In September, I found myself driving around eastern Kentucky. As an investigative reporter, I was there to help tell the story of that flood and how eastern Kentucky was going to recover from a disaster of this magnitude."

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