Scott Dawson '95 on Working Remotely When Everybody's Home

Photo of Scott Dawson

Scott Dawson ’95 (Photo by Allison Usavage)

Scott Dawson ’95, web designer and developer for Fortune 100 and 500 companies, recently published The Art of Working Remotely: How to Thrive in a Distributed Workplace (Knight Rose Press, 2019), a guide to setting up quality remote workspaces and learning practices that promote success. 

Little did Dawson know just how pertinent a global pandemic and stay-at-home directives would make his advice. He may be no rookie to the work-from-home dynamic, but the current situation has brought with it a new set of challenges. 

“We’re dealing with an emergency remote work environment,” says Dawson. Although he has been working from home for 22 years, today he’s sharing that workspace with his spouse, Amy ’95, a middle school math teacher, and his teenage son and daughter.

“Since we’re all sharing close quarters, it’s key to let others know what you need and when you need it,” says Dawson. “It’s equally critical to respond to others’ requests with understanding and accommodation.” 

Read about how Dawson is navigating his own emergency work-from-home situation and how his tips might work for you: Close Companions: COVID-19 and Coworking. For a free download of key portions of Dawson’s book: The Art of Working Remotely: How to Thrive in a Distributed Workplace



Carol Marcy
Senior Advancement Writer