Video: Ecoacoustics Summer Research

Biology research conducted at local wetland

Micah Hosely '24 and Kristina Hannam, associate professor of biology, record underwater sounds at a local pond.

Geneseo biology student Micah Hosely '24 received a Geneseo Foundation Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship to study the ecoacoustics of freshwater ponds. This summer, Hosely worked closely with Kristina Hannam, associate professor of biology, to record the underwater sounds created by biotic organisms in ponds at several local sites.

Hannam acknowledges that biologists "have started to become very interested in the ways that we can use the sounds in the environment to understand the health of the environment." In the future, she says, they'll analyze the audio data they gather to examine things such as how "biodiversity in those ponds changes over the course of the summer season."





Mat Johnson
Office of Communications and Marketing