Review My Landlord

Review My Landlord

We are excited to announce that we are now advertising the use of Review My Landlord (now Open Igloo), an online database used to rate rental properties. This website allows off campus residents to submit their own reviews and read reviews that others have written. This is an invaluable tool when searching for an apartment!

When writing a review:

  • Stick to the facts. Nobody likes a liar.
  • Provide constructive information that will help future tenants.
  • Highlight specific positive and/or negative aspects of your time spent living in the unit.

Do NOT include:

  • Inappropriate Content: Painting a picture with your words is fine, but please no threats, harassment, hate speech, or extreme language.
  • Hearsay: Your reviews must reflect your personal experience....not something you heard from someone else.
  • Privacy: Don't post other people's private information. Refrain from posting names (use "Landlord" instead), or photos of people without their consent.
  • Relevance: Don't use your review as a platform to rant about political or religious ideologies, or other topics that are irrelevant to the rental experience.
  • Conflicts of interest: Your reviews should be objective. Don't write reviews on your own property or properties belonging to your friend.

  1. This is a third party site.
  2. Geneseo cannot vouch for any of the information on the site.
  3. Each student should carefully review the terms and conditions before agreeing to use the site.

Your reviews help others learn about the building/apartment, landlord/management and the neighborhood. Please do not review a property if you are connected in any way to the landlord/employees. Do not mention names or use profanity.