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Major Things to Consider


When choosing housemates, it is important to establish trust. Living off campus is different from living on campus because you depend on your housemates rather than an RA.

Rules and Responsibilities

Cleaning, taking out the garbage, shoveling snow, setting up utility bills... These are things to discuss with your roommates before they become an issue. Be proactive to establish an agreement and divide any responsibilities ahead of time.


How close to campus will you be living? Will you depend on a car or the LTS buses? How long is your walk to class?


Is the apartment or house furnished, unfurnished, or partially furnished? Decide ahead of time where your furniture will come from and how you will transport it to your apartment.


Unlike on campus living, your off campus living payments are not included in your bill from SUNY Geneseo. It is important to speak with anyone you depend on financially before moving off campus. It is also beneficial to talk with financial aid before signing a lease.