Parent Communications Survey Summary Results

The Office of College Communications and Marketing administered a survey to 5,480 parent email addresses for approximately four weeks in January and February 2022. We received 934 responses, representing a 17% response rate, which is average, according to Qualtrics. We did not offer an incentive to participate, and we only emailed the survey to the parent emails on file.

The respondents were equally spaced among all graduation years, with the Class of 2022 representing the lowest share of responses.


Respondents generally receive information from SUNY Geneseo in the way they would like, as shown in the chart below. Email is by far the winner, followed by the Parent eNewsletter, which is sent via email.


Most respondents would like to hear from SUNY Geneseo weekly to bi-weekly, followed by a monthly frequency.


Parents overwhelmingly use Facebook, followed by Instagram, though they would prefer not to have to use social media platforms.


For the most part, parents check their social media accounts daily. Just under a quarter of respondents don’t use social media at all.


When asked what information they feel is most pertinent to them, campus news topped the list.


What do you NOT hear from us that you WOULD like to know? This was a qualitative question where parents could share information freely. Below is a chart quantifying the feedback at a higher level.


Areas for Improvement?

Parents listed a few areas of improvement that might merit further exploration, including but not limited to:

  • Amplify social media (consider doing a Facebook Live Q&A or adding an official parent group)
  • Send more information and updates via email
  • Consider hosting Zoom conferences or web forums
  • Text emergency-related information
  • Launch a parent portal (other SUNYs have this)
  • Share the alumni magazine