Open Flame Policy

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Finance, Administration, Compliance
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Environmental Health & Safety Director
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The policy is applicable to faculty, staff, students and contractors to prevent accidental fires.

Policy Statement

In order to reduce the risk of injury to people or destruction of property, the use of fire shall be prohibited in all campus buildings except as described below.



The use of fire, incense and similar open flame producing items such as torches and welding equipment, shall be prohibited in all campus buildings except:

  1. Flames used for commercial cooking in areas operated by the Campus Auxiliary Service (CAS).  
  2. Votive decorations used by CAS during catering events must meet the NYS Fire Code requirements.  
  3. The Physics metal working shop, heating plant tool room, facilities garage, welding shop, CIT audio-visual shop and the ISC zone shop for maintenance purposes.
  4. In residence halls, for religious purposes in lounge areas only, candelabras must be fastened down to prevent tipping and wax must be prevented from dripping on combustible or flammable items.  Contact Director of Residence Life for more specific requirements (585-245-5851).
  5. Theatrical performances must comply with the NYS Fire Code and be reviewed and approved by the Code Enforcement Official or designee at least three days prior to the performance.
  6. Faculty research and academic instruction which normally use open flames as part of their curriculum in properly equipped areas.

All approved open flames must be kept a safe distance away from flammable and combustible material.  In addition, a fire extinguisher and a person trained in its use must be readily available.  Uses of open flames, other than above, must be approved by the Code Enforcement Official or designee on a case by case basis (245-5661).  A hot work permit must be issued for all uses of open flames (including welding, cutting and soldering) for activities not described above. A hot work policy and permit can be found on the Environmental Health and Safety website.

Frequency of Review and Update

Every 3 years

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Chuck Reyes

Chuck Reyes
Director of Environmental Health & Safety

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