Visitors to the College Policy

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Student Affairs
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Chief of University Police
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SUNY Geneseo Employees, Students, Auxiliary Organizations (Campus Auxiliary Services, Research Foundation), Contractors, Tenants and Visitors

Policy Statement

SUNY Geneseo invites and welcomes visitors to campus.  In its responsibility for maintaining order on campus, the College reserves the right to restrict access to the campus to individuals for violations of College policy or applicable laws, including the New York State Rules for the Maintenance of Public Order (Section 6430 of the New York State Education Law).   

Members of the College community are expected to reasonably account for the conduct of their guests and are responsible for advising them of the College’s expectation for adherence to any and all policies and regulations.



General Information

Non-students, non-faculty, and non-staff may enter the campus only when:

  1. Attending a public event (lecture, tour, performance, exhibit);
  2. Using a facility or recreation area accessible for public use;
  3. Keeping an appointment with or being escorted by a member of the student body, faculty, or staff.


  1. In order to maintain campus security, certain former students and former employees and other non-students and non-employees may be explicitly prohibited from all campus visitations or have conditions placed on their campus visitation. Such persons will be notified in writing of their visitation status.
    • Withdrawn or academically dismissed students have ordinary visitors privileges for brief visits and may seek written permission from the Dean of Students for extended periods of visitation.
    • Students required to leave the College for nonacademic reasons may visit the campus only if they obtain written permission from the Dean of Students.
    • Faculty and staff members whose employment has been terminated may be prohibited from all campus visitations and will be notified of such in writing. Former employees with campus visitation restrictions must obtain written permission from the Vice President for Finance and Administration and the Vice President for Student and Campus Life before entering the campus.
    • Individuals who do not have a direct relationship with the College who violate state law or College policy while on campus may be restricted from visiting all or part of the campus in the future, and will be notified of that restriction in writing by the Chief of University Police.
  2. The individuals described above who have been notified of campus restrictions who subsequently appear on campus without authorization will be subject to arrest. Other visitors who fail to comply with this policy, or with the directives of College officials, may also be subject to arrest.

Frequency of Review and Update

Every 5 years

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Christopher Prusak

Christopher Prusak
Chief of the University Police

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