Chapter 6


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Preliminaries As you can see, there are not many topics in this chapter, but we want to have additional topics. In particular, we want users of ProofSpace to contribute content that they and others may enjoy.
Chapter 2: Proof Techniques; For now, we will use this space as a reminder of two things: (1) the reason we have covered the content of the previous chapters, and (2) we want other people to contribute material.
Chapter 3: Sets First, much of the content of the previous chapters form the foundation of mathematics. Many of the topics and skills that are taught here are necessary for success in subsequent mathematics courses. Now that this foundation has been established, a mathematics student should be well-equipped for exploring mathematics at a deeper level.
Chapter 4: Functions To provide you with a glimpse of the broad mathematical universe that is at your fingertips, we recommend the following video created by physicist Dominic Walliman.
Chapter 5: Relations

Chapter 6: Extra Topics Second, we invite and encourage you to submit your own video content to ProofSpace. We welcome additional videos and resources for the topics that are already covered, and we also welcome videos and resources for additional topics. If you are interested in providing these resources, please contact us at

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