A Textbook for ProofSpace

While ProofSpace is a self-contained resource for learning Mathematical Proofs, we strongly recommend supplementing ProofSpace with a textbook. The ability to READ and UNDERSTAND mathematics is a highly important skill that must be learned. Some students already possess this skill and learn better from reading mathematics rather than watching videos. Many more students have yet to grasp the ability to learn mathematics by simply reading it. In either case, reading mathematics is important, and it is something that must be done with patience, care, and thoughtfulness. We highly recommend

Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning and Proof,
by Dr. Ted Sundstrom.

Our presentation is different from Dr. Sundstrom's, especially in the earlier chapters, but as a free online resource, it's an excellent second approach for students. The Supplemental Problems in each problem set refer to the online version 2.0 of this book. The website linked above also has other useful supplemental materials such as study guides, writing guides, and other screencasts.