Property Control Services

Property Control Services maintains the College's inventory of equipment records by conducting an annual physical inventory of State owned and Research Foundation equipment.  College equipment items are physically identified annually, and the information regarding each item is updated in the State University of New York Property Control System (PCS). The Property Control System (PCS) is a computerized inventory system used SUNY-wide for the purpose of tracking State and Research Foundation equipment.  In addition, the PCS contains specific information about all SUNY equipment valued over $5,000 and having a useful life of two or more years.  It includes items purchased from State operating funds, Research Foundation grants, Income Fund Reimbursable (IFR) accounts, Dormitory Authority funds, and items received as gifts to the College.

The State University of New York PCS was developed by SUNY Central Administration to provide uniformity in property accountability and allows Property Control personnel to monitor the use and movement of State-owned equipment that is acquired by faculty and staff.  In addition, it ensures that the equipment is properly tracked during its service life and disposed of according to State and College procedures.  Property Control Services is responsible for maintenance of the PCS and abiding by the requirements established by State, Research Foundation, and College policies.

Property Control Services is also responsible for developing and maintaining policies and procedures for tagging equipment items under $5,000, spot checking selected equipment items under $5,000 to verify their existence and condition, and reporting the theft, loss or misuse of State assets in excess of $1,000 (original cost) to the Office of the State Comptroller on a quarterly basis.