Procedures for Inventory

Procedures for Annual Inventories

The Office of the State Comptroller directs that each State agency conduct an annual physical inventory of State-owned equipment.  Each department is required to maintain control over all assets under its stewardship.  Property Control Services will conduct inventories of selected assets and will notify departments when assets assigned to them are scheduled to be inventoried.  Changes affecting property condition or location must be reported to Property Control Services by using the Equipment Transfer/Surplus Form.  Property Control Services will provide each department with a listing of its equipment.

Up to date inventories are necessary to:

  • To establish property control and accountability in compliance with the rules and regulations as established by the Office of the Comptroller and the State University Research Foundation;
  • To establish a basis for projecting and budgeting asset replacement acquisitions;
  • To establish accountability for increased security against pilferage of vulnerable assets; and
  • To establish a basis for projecting future budgets in support of assets for new or renovated facilities.