About Shakti

Shakti is SUNY Geneseo's South Asian club. The word 'Shakti' originates from Sanskrit and means power or strength. Shakti at Geneseo represents the people of the countries of South Asia—India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Myanmar, and the Maldives.

We want to spread South Asian culture to the students at SUNY Geneseo, and make them more aware of the countries, culture, customs, problems, and people of South Asia. At our weekly General Meetings we talk about festivals, diversity, political events, games, and such that take place in the countries of South Asia. Our members consist not only of students from South Asian countries, but also students who want to know more about the region, and want to be involved in our events.

Our biggest events of the year include the Diwali Dinner that celebrates the Hindu festival of Diwali, ACE's Intercultural Dinner, and our dinner and show, Sangamam. At Sangamam, we celebrate South Asian culture through a traditional dinner and—staying true to Bollywood—a skit that includes many dance performances. Sangamam is a wonderful evening of color, music, dance, and festivities.

Shakti is part of the SUNY Geneseo Alliance for Community Enrichment (ACE) and is funded by the Student Association (SA).

Shakti welcomes all new members and ideas!

Shakti on three! One ... two ... three ... Shakti!