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About the SOFIs

Each semester, students are asked to comment on the instruction they received in their courses via the SOFI (Student Opinion of Faculty Instruction) instrument. Geneseo collects this information using the survey tool in KnightWeb.  During the last two weeks of classes for full term courses, students are asked to log on to KnightWeb and complete the SOFIs for each course they are taking.  For full term courses, instructors have the option to activate the SOFIs during the 3rd week before the end of the semester.  For shorter courses, the SOFIs will activate eight days before the end of the part of term. SOFI surveys are turned off when the finals week/period begins for full term courses and on the last day of the term for shorter courses.

The online SOFIs are anonymous; the faculty members are not able to determine students' identities.  Although the SOFIs are housed in KnightWeb, this simply facilitates and authenticates the link between students and courses.  Once students submit their SOFI responses, the link between  students' identity in KnightWeb and their responses is severed.  One of the tenets of the SOFI is to be grade neutral – that is the SOFI should be completed before students have their final grades and the SOFI results are not released to faculty until all final grades have been submitted.  The SOFIs are not available once finals start and grades are available to students through KnightWeb.

There are three main uses of the SOFI results at Geneseo:

  1. Instructors use the feedback from the SOFIs to improve their courses

  2. Results from the SOFIs are included in faculty portfolios used in renewal, tenure, promotion, and discretionary salary increase decisions.

  3. Students have access to the results to assist in making instructor and course decisions.

Although SOFIs will be administered as is typical, faculty will not be required to submit SOFI results from the spring 2020 semester for personnel processes. 

Filling out SOFIs

Geneseo uses KnightWeb to collect and display the SOFI information.

To complete your SOFIs, go to KnightWeb and click on Surveys, then SOFI Surveys. KnightWeb can also be accessed through MyGeneseo.

Viewing Results

To access SOFI reports from previous semesters, log into KnightWeb, then go to Surveys, and click SOFI Reports.