About the Student Course Experience Survey

About the Student Course Experience (SCE) survey

Effective Fall 2022, the Student Course Experience (SCE) survey replaces the Student Observation of Faculty Instruction (SOFI) survey. Information about the SOFIs has been archived on the Institutional Research Wiki.

To our students

Each semester, you will be asked to rate and comment on your course experiences via the Student Course Experience (SCE) survey available in KnightWeb. The online SCEs are completely anonymous and are grade neutral. Surveys can only be completed before finals and before final grades are submitted. In addition, results are only released after all final grades have been submitted.

The Student Course Experience (SCE) plays an important role in the review of faculty. Your responses provide data which may inform your instructor’s review, tenure, or promotion materials. SUNY Geneseo recognizes that student course evaluations are often influenced by students’ unconscious and unintentional biases about the race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, age and other unique characteristics of the instructor. Women and instructors of color are systematically rated lower in their teaching evaluations than white men, even when there are no actual differences in the instruction or in what students have learned. Focus on your experience with the content of the course (e.g.: the discussions, the assignments, the textbook, the in-class material) and not unrelated matters (the instructor’s appearance, age, gender, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, etc.). As you fill out the course experience, please keep this in mind and make an effort to resist stereotypes about instructors. Please make sure the ratings and comments you provide are for the instructors and course listed at the top of the page.


The Office of Institutional Research is responsible for administering the SCE surveys. Please contact the Interim Director, Dr. Matthew Pastizzo, if you encounter any difficulties accessing or completing the surveys.

Student questions and concerns about the SCEs can be directed to the Student Association.  Faculty questions and concerns about the SCEs can be directed to the Faculty Affairs Committee of the College Senate.