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Campus Sustainability Month

Thanks to everyone who participated in Campus Sustainability Month and made it so successful!  The winner of the residence hall composting competition was Monroe Hall! Keep up the composting and sustainability efforts!

Week #1 Events

Week #2 Events

Week #3 Events

President's Annual Sustainability Lecture

2019: Winona LaDuke

Winona LaDuke

Winona LaDuke is a rural development economist and author working on issues of Indigenous Economics, Food and Energy Policy. She co-founded Honor the Earth with the Indigo Girls, as a platform to raise awareness of and money for indigenous struggles for environmental justice. Globally and nationally, Winona is known as a leader in the issues of cultural-based sustainable development strategies, renewable energy, and sustainable food systems. She is one of the leaders in the work of protecting Indigenous plants and heritage foods from patenting and genetic engineering.

Winona LaDuke will deliver "Economics of the Seventh Generation" on October 2, 2019 at 2:30 pm in the Doty Recital Hall.  The lecture is part of the College’s activities for Campus Sustainability Month, an international celebration of sustainability in higher education.


Ephemeral Arts Festival

 Ephemeral Arts Festival poster

 The Ephemeral Arts Festival allows students and faculty to create and appreciate art made completely from nature.  This event is part of Campus Sustainability Month and it is a unique way to enjoy nature's beauty while promoting Geneseo's sustainability values through art.



The Perils of Plastic

 The Perils of Plastics poster


Dr. Sherri A. Mason is Professor of Chemistry at Penn State Behrend, whose research has focused upon plastic microbead and microfiber pollution in the Great Lakes. She demonstrates how microplastics contaminate the human food chain, including bottled water, sea salt, and beer. Drawing attention to the urgency of this emergency has led Mason to communicate in imaginative ways, such as a long-distance swim in Lake Erie. Last year, her scientific work and public advocacy were recognized with a Heinz Award for Public Policy. She also serves as the Sustainability Coordinator at her institution. 

Plastics Walk (12:00-1:30) Departing from the Bronze Bear on Main Street, we’ll walk down through campus to the Genesee River. In addition to bagging plastic waste that we find along the way, we’ll pause at certain places (a dining hall, sewage treatment plant, etc.) to connect on-campus actions to ecological consequences.

The Perils of Plastic (2:30-3:30 Tower Room, Doty 300) Dr. Mason will deliver a public talk on her research and how to take effective actions going forward. A reception will follow.