Wellbeing Collective

Welcome to the Wellbeing Collective!

These pages are under construction; more information coming soon!

The Wellbeing Collective is a cross-divisional and cross-hierarchical group of faculty, staff, and students with the overarching goal of helping SUNY Geneseo become a wellbeing-promoting campus, that is, a campus in which we consider how our policies, procedures, practices, and programming can best contribute to individual and community wellbeing. Through a collaborative approach, the group will work to enhance wellbeing culture on campus and align with SUNY- and Geneseo-wide priorities. Following the Collective Impact Framework for social and cultural change, the group will operate under shared aspirations (overarching principles guiding our work) and a common agenda (specific tasks to focus on). Inspiration for our work can be found in the Okanagan Charter, a document that outlines how wellbeing of person, place, and planet can be centered at college campuses.

Broadly speaking, the shared aspirations of the Wellbeing Collective are to:

  • Cultivate a shared understanding of wellbeing
  • Thread wellbeing into the fabric of the culture of SUNY Geneseo (interwoven with Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity, Belonging, and Sustainability)
  • Assess campus processes and outcomes in order to enhance holistic wellbeing on campus

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Questions? Contact one of the co-chairs: