Current Classes/Spring 2023

For information about the program please contact: Maria Lima, Professor of English, Welles 225 A (  or Catherine Adams, Associate Professor of History, Doty Hall 208A (

**If you are a non-English major interested in an English class, or a non-History major interested in a History class, please contact the instructor as soon as possible to take care of prerequisite override forms.

AMST 201 U/TopAmSt: Mass Incarceration 

ARTH 160 African American Art History Survey

BLKS 288 Exp: African Films

BLKS 288 Exp: Urban Dance

BLKS 490 Senior Capstone Seminar* 

ENGL 112 World Cultures and Values in Literature and Culture: African Diaspora

ENGL 342 World Literature: African Migration Narratives*

ENGL 431 Conversations: Toni Morrison's Trilogy*

HIST 287 M/Modern Africa

HIST 301 Interpretations in History: Civil Rights Movement*

HIST 430 Advanced Studies in American History: SNCC and Social Justice*

HIST 480 LACAANA: Aid and Development in Africa*

HONR 202 Honors Seminar in Critical Reading: Trauma Morrison's Beloved 

HUMN 222 W/H/Black Humanities

MUSC 336 Music, Gender, and Sexuality: Black Women - Opera*

PASC 106 Performance as Social Change I

PHIL 208 Philosophy of Race

SUST 388 Exp: Environmental Justice

* Prerequisites or major restrictions exist. Consult with the instructor about whether it is possible to override the requirement.

**Fulfills general education requirement (not major/minor elective).

Past Course Offerings