Student Resources for Black Studies

Application for Black Studies/Africana Paper Prizes - deadline extended to April 25, 4:00 pm.

Geneseo Campus Student Organizations

Black Lives Matters Rally In Geneseo, NY (Summer, 2020) 

A step towards change


Black Media 

AAIHS - Black Perspectives

The Root

The 1619 Project                                                                                                       


More black media outlets

Academic Scholarships

  1. Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund

For more African-American scholarships for students

Bias-Related Incidents/What to do when it happens 

  1. Types of Discrimination 
  2. Know your rights: Title IX, Title VI, Section 504 
  3. Report
  4. "What if it's a faculty or staff member"?

For more information, see the Diversity and Equity webpage  

Support Black-Owned Businesses 

When you support, this happens. 

Buy Black 

Black Pride Apparel

Recommended Resources 

What can I do, as a White person, to show that Black Lives Does Matter? 

"What can I do with a Black Studies Degree?"

Black Mental Health Matters

How can I fight hate? 

A History Project: Race, Gender, and Politics at SUNY Geneseo (1950-1970)

Know Your History: Schomburg Center For Research In Black Culture

National Organizations / Conferences