Modification of Major/Minor Requirements

If a student needs a modification in major/minor requirements, he/she should discuss the need with the Chair of the Department and the Dean of the College. He/She should be prepared to provide the necessary documentation and supporting evidence for the modification if it is requested. SUNY Geneseo does not guarantee that modifications will be granted.

The student may request a joint meeting between the Chair of the Department, himself/herself, the Dean of the College and the Director of Accessibility Services at any time to determine acceptable alternatives (e.g., course substitutions or waivers). In this role, the Director will serve as a liaison between the student and the Chair of the Department and the Dean of the College, providing information to both and facilitating a workable agreement between them.

Requests for modifications in major or minor requirements are submitted to the Chair of the Department in question. In making decisions regarding the requested modifications, Department Chairs and the Dean of the College will use the following criteria:  

  • The degree to which the student's ability to meet the requirement in question is adversely affected by the disability.
  • What equally effective courses can be substituted.
  • Whether the modification in question will fundamentally alter the academic program.