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Accessibility Advocates

Accessibility advocates are students familiar with the Office of Accessibility Services and who serve as an additional resource for their peers with disabilities. Accessibility Advocates can assist students with the following:

  • Help navigating Accessibility Services
    • How to get registered
    • Who to contact
    • Getting needed documentation
    • How to use the test center
  • Practical problem solving
    • Emailing specific staff with issues
    • Emailing or meeting with professors
    • Schedule planning
  • Learning how to advocate for yourself
    • Explaining disability
    • How to give professors letters of disabilities
    • Making needs clear
    • Understanding professors expectations (e.g. student will email when misses class)

To schedule a meet-up with an Accessibility Advocate, email

Meet our Accessibility Advocates

Annika Mounts

Annika Mounts profile picture

Annika Mounts is a junior neuroscience major here at Geneseo. When she isn't working as an Accessibility Advocate, you can find Annika researching drug-dna interactions or immunology, tutoring genetics, or talking about her adorable dog Beyla. In the future, Annika aims to be a pediatrician and her passion for helping others is evident in the way she advocates for students with disabilities. She has experienced the struggle of balancing academics with personal needs and understands the role accessibility plays in a student's success on campus.

Grace McMahon

Grace McMahon profile picture

Grace McMahon is a junior Psychology major, Sociology minor, and an Accessibility Advocate here on campus. Aside from Accessibility Advocates, Grace is also a curator for TEDxSUNYGeneseo, and loves hearing people from all different walks of life tell their stories. Grace is also a Bob Ross enthusiast and can often be found at Starbucks drinking chai lattes. She has been a member of FRIENDS: The National Association of Young People Who Stutter for over 10 years, where she has attended conventions all over the United States and ran workshops of her own. Being a person who stutters, Grace values communication, and truly understands how wonderful it feels to be heard.

Morgan Hernandez

Morgan Hernandez profile picture

Morgan Hernandez is a senior Sociology major and an Accessibility Advocate here on-campus. Aside from Accessibility Advocates, He enjoys getting involved on-campus with social justice-related issues. He likes to volunteer his time to do Safe Zone trainings and the Diversity and Inclusion Community Educator (DICE) program under the Office of Diversity and Equity. He is currently finding ways to provide the student body platform for their voices and approaching more of their work in an intersectional way. He strives to improve the Geneseo community to recognize their underrepresented students.