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Accessibility Advocates

Accessibility advocates are students familiar with the Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) and who serve as an additional resource for their peers with disabilities. Accessibility Advocates can assist students with the following:

  • Help connecting with the OAS
    • Who to contact
    • Navigating the accommodations request process
    • How to use the Test Center
  • Practical problem solving
    • Emailing specific staff with issues
    • Emailing or meeting with professors
    • Schedule planning
  • Learning how to advocate for yourself
    • Explaining disability
    • How to give professors Letter of Accommodation
    • Making needs clear
    • Understanding professors expectations (e.g. student will email when misses class)

To schedule a meet-up with an Accessibility Advocate, email

Meet our Accessibility Advocates!

 White female with long brown hair sitting on a rock ledge, waterfall behind her

Hi! I'm Rachel and I am a Junior majoring in Psychology. Fun fact, over the past year, I have gotten 2 puppies, and one is named in Gene-seo! 

 White female with long brown hair wearing glasses

Hi everyone! My name is Tessa LaGrou, and I am a senior Biology Spanish double major. When I'm not on campus studying, you can find me camping and hiking with my German Shepard!


White woman with dark shoulder length hair

Paris Interdonato-Carreras is a sophomore Vocal Performance and Business Administration major with a minor in the Edgar Fellows Program. On campus, she is also an RA and a member of the Chamber Choir. Off campus, she is a Digital Marketing Coordinator and music teacher. Paris herself is connected with the Office of Accessibility and knows how helpful they have been. She was motivated to join this program by her desire to promote inclusivity for students with disabilities across campus.

White woman with short blonde hair and dark-rimmed glasses

Hello, my name is Kaitlin! I am a Sociomedical Sciences and Communications double major with a minor in Human Development. I am currently the Opinion Editor for The Lamron and in my free time, my friends and I enjoy playing pool in the Union. My goal is to promote inclusivity and accessibility not only on campus, but in the community.

 White female with long brown hair sitting on a boulder

Hi my name is Hannah! I am a junior international relations major with a conflict studies major. On campus I am in an acapella group called Exit 8 as well as the volunteer fraternity APO! I love music especially going to concerts! I am excited to be an accessibility advocate because I want to have a part in making accessibility a visible part of social advocacy on campus!