International Baccalaureate

At SUNY Geneseo, we highly value the diverse perspectives and academic excellence that International Baccalaureate (IB) students bring to our community. We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment that embraces global cultures and experiences.

Our institution recognizes the rigorous academic preparation that IB programs offer and warmly welcomes students who have pursued this challenging curriculum. At SUNY Geneseo, we provide a supportive and enriching academic atmosphere where IB students can thrive, contribute meaningfully, and achieve their fullest potential.

We encourage IB students to explore the opportunities available at our institution and join us in our pursuit of academic excellence and global engagement.

SUNY Geneseo campus

General Credit Transfer Information

  • Students may transfer a maximum of 45 credits completed while concurrently enrolled in high school.  
  • IB credit will not be awarded for courses that overlap with AP, and CLEP credits.
  • Students may transfer a maximum of 60 credits, including no more than a total of 30 AP, IB, and CLEP credits, from a two-year degree-granting institution. 
  • To transfer IB credits, students should send official transcript(s) to, or SUNY Geneseo Admissions Office, Doty Hall Room 102, 1 College Circle, Geneseo, NY, 14454

Transfer Equivalency Chart

International Baccalaureate Scholarship

Through the International Baccalaureate Scholarship, SUNY Geneseo recognizes the rigorous academic preparation students have undertaken on their way to earn an IB diploma and grants them a one-time award of $1,000 for the 2024–25 academic year.

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Contact Information

Office of Admissions
Doty Hall
Geneseo, NY 14454