American Studies

American Studies

Learn about the American Experience

American Studies is an interdisciplinary program offering a wide range of courses that develop the analytical, research, and communication skills necessary for success in a variety of fields. The major integrates materials, themes, and approaches from diverse areas of study including history, literature, political science, sociology, communication, film and media, gender and sexuality, African American studies, and Native American studies. The program allows students to explore transnational, cross-cultural, and comparative perspectives of the United States. The program provides a broad grounding in the study of the United States while also allowing students the flexibility to pursue their own intellectual interests and goals.

Several advantages of this unique flexibility:

  • Many of the college’s General Education requirements can be fulfilled while simultaneously completing the American Studies minor.
  • American Studies can accommodate a double major and enhance proficiency in complementary disciplines such as English, Communication, History, and Political Science.
  • American Studies is an excellent choice for students interested graduate school. The program stresses coursework in disciplines that develop the analytic, writing and research skills necessary for professional success. Programs in law, museum studies, public history, library science, and other graduate fields desire well-rounded and capable applicants.
  • A degree in American Studies can help prepare students for a complex, shifting job market, including careers in academia, education, information and library science, law, media, museum management, public policy, and more.

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