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Program Description

The Internship Program provides upper-division students at SUNY Geneseo with an opportunity to gain meaningful field experience with public and private companies and agencies. Qualified students supplement classroom learning with first-hand experience in professional settings that are appropriate for their academic background and career objectives. We expect that the student will gain from the experience, and that the intern will be of assistance to the sponsoring agency.

Admissions Requirements and Procedures

The following minimum requirements establish eligibility for admission to the Internship Program:

1. Normally Junior or Senior class standing (may include selected sophomores).
2. A cumulative GPA of 2.75 and a 3.0 in major prerequisite courses (exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Department Chair.)
3. Submission to departmental internship coordinator or other departmental representative of application form, current resume, and latest unofficial transcript.  Recommendations may be required, forms will be provided.
4. An interview with the departmental internship coordinator or other departmental representative may be required.
5. Students who are accepted into a departmental internship program will need to work with a faculty advisor and the onsite supervisor to develop specific guidelines for the internship. These guidelines must be included on a contract form to be completed before the work begins.
6. Any student who secures an outside position for which she/he hopes to receive college internship credit must meet the above requirements and must complete all paperwork before the internship begins. Internship credit cannot be arranged after the work is underway.

Registration and Credit

  • Students cannot register for the Internship Program by themselves. The student and faculty director will fill out a contract form. Registration for the internship is completed by the departmental coordinator (or other departmental representative) the first week of classes, upon receipt of the internship contract.
  • The intern will be enrolled under a department course (____395).  The INTD prefix is to be used only if the internship is interdepartmental in subject matter.  The student can earn a total of 1-15 credits according to the contact hour chart listed below.
Number of Credits Min clock-hours of work required for semester
1 40
2 80
3 120
4 160
6 240
9 360
12 480
15 600

(1 credit = minimum of 40 hours of work)

  • Failure to complete all requirements for the internship will lead to an incomplete or an Unsatisfactory grade to be given by the faculty director.
  • Internship credits will be counted as part of the maximum semester hours allowed within a Department.
  • The maximum number of internship credits which may be applied toward requirements in the major will be six credits or less, as determined by the major department. The maximum number of internship credits allowed in a minor will be three credits, unless the internship is a specified requirement in the minor.
  • The maximum number of internship credits allowed for the degree is 15.
  • We encourage students to register for no more than 16 hrs. (including the internship) during a semester in which they are doing an internship.

Requirements and Evaluation

  • The specific field duties and responsibilities of the intern will be agreed to by the intern coordinator, faculty director, field supervisor, and the intern, and will be outlined in the internship contract.
  • Interns should understand that their field performance will be evaluated by their field supervisor and that unsatisfactory performance may result in the field supervisor's terminating the field placement.
  • Student interns shall keep confidential any information designated by the sponsor as privileged. The course grade will be determined by specific academic requirements that are appropriate to the field placement, and are established by the faculty director. The requirements may differ slightly from department to department, but will generally include the following:

1. A written/graphical report outlining and describing the nature of the internship project, problems encountered,
methodology employed, and conclusions from the project.
2. An oral report on the internship project and experience.
3. Work experience evaluation by the field supervisor, to include attendance.
4. Seminar/academic requirements (as determined by the department).

Students interested in obtaining more information on completing an internship in their major should contact their departmental internship coordinator or department chairperson. Any student may also contact the Office of the Dean, Erwin 106, for further information.
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